We are waiting for you!

Now you can stay at Estancia San Lorenzo and experience our new 3 day program, custom-made for you.
Enjoy the lifestyle of a typical Patagonian ranch: a unique environment, wide open landscapes and native fauna just outside your window.


Day 01: Encounter with penguins

Arrival at the ranch (check in between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.) Time to settle in, leave the rhythm of the city and meet the San Lorenzo team.

Afternoon snack
Some delicious mates, with Argentinian pastry (each guest must bring their mate equipment. Water, yerba mate and sweeteners are included within the amenities).

First visit to the Penguin Colony
The guide team will take you to the walking path in the very heart of the Penguin Colony.

During the cooler hours of the afternoon, you can relax, tour the trails at your own pace and watch native flora and fauna of the sea and desert, where the real attraction are the Magellanic penguins and their adorable babies.

As is usual in every ranch, dinner time is the time to gather around the fire and relax.

Then, our newly remodeled rooms await you for a good night’s sleep thanks to the silence and freshness of the surroundings.

Day 02: Dream paths: penguins, sea and desert

The day begins
After breakfast you will leave the Estancia, heading the Penguin Colony to enjoy the site with the first rays of sun. Exclusive content: You will tour a unique path (which is not usually included in the visits) with access to the most populated sectors of the Colony, where researchers and scientists carry out their studies.

Argentinian typical lunch
Return to the ranch where a typical, homemade lunch will be waiting for you: grilled Patagonian lamb.

Nap time
No experience of the country life is complete without a quiet nap after lunch.

When the sun goes down:
You will hike through the Fossil Canyon near the sea, where you can also enjoy the company of the most picturesque Patagonian fauna

(there are even days when the elephant seals join the tour on the beach!).
Some mates with homemade pastry will be ideal to enjoy the sunset on the coast.

Such a wonderful day can only end in the best way: relax in the comfort of the Estancia, with a delicious dinner and the light of the fire pit.

Day 03: Farewell

Start the day with the last breakfast, enjoying the peace of the landscape. After a warm farewell, you will return to the city.